Security Warning: Never Use Browser Session Token to Do Automated Trading

Recently we have received several user reports that unknown orders and trades had shown up in their accounts. After a thorough investigation, it turns out that their browser session tokens have been used by unknown parties, browser session token is a string that is used to identify user identity when using web browser to log in and conduct various operations on the BaseFEX website. BaseFEX always take security as top priority, and we hope our users also take security seriously. We advise

  • For automated trading, do use API Key. Never ever use browser session tokens to do so.
  • Make sure your computer system is malware free.
  • Use a trusted browser without any browser extension and plugins to login and trade on BaseFEX website.
  • Never use unprotected (public) WiFi Hotspot to log in to BaseFEX.
  • Never use unsecure VPN to log in to BaseFEX.

Actually the above applies to any website where your money/asset is stored.

BaseFEX Team
Jan 31, 2019