Commission Fee Rebate Program for Major Traders

To boost trading volume and increase market depth on BaseFEX, we are launching a new commission rebate program for major traders.

  • Rebate Rate: 50% taker fee
  • Eligibility: Applicable if his/her previous 7 day (in UTC+00) trading volume >= $35,000,000.
  • Program Duration: Jan 1, 2019 0:00 – Jun 30, 2019 24:00 UTC+00
  • Rules: Fee rebate rates for different programs can add up. E.g., if a user is applicable to both 10% off from Affiliate Program and 20% off from Launch Celebration program, he/she will end up enjoying 30% fee off in total.
  • Rebate Settlement: Rebate payout will credit to users’ wallet balance 1 day later at 00:00 UTC+00 each day.

For your detailed rebate history, visit Commission Rebate.

If you have any question, contact [email protected]

BaseFEX Team
Dec 26, 2018