BaseFEX is Offering Another 20 BTC for Round Two of Beta Test

In Sep 2018, BaseFEX successfully held the first round of trading competition for its Beta Test. Traders from more than 200 countries participated and the top 10 winners were granted 20 BTC as the reward. You can check the final ranking at leaderboard.

Thanks for the passion and support of all community members and users of BaseFEX!

To further improve the updated system, we will hold another round of trading competition, which will start from Nov 22, 2018 0:00 UTC+00 and will last 7 days. 20 BTC will be offered as the competition reward for the top 10 winners.

Starting this week, BaseFEX will constantly hold trading competitions on Testnet site on a weekly basis until the official launch of BaseFEX.

Competition Details

  • Beta Test website:
  • Competition duration of this round: Nov 22, 2018 0:00 – Nov 29, 2018 0:00 UTC+00, 7 days in total.
  • Once registered on Testnet, one will receive 10 BTC (Testnet coin) as the initial funding.
  • On Nov 29, 2018 0:00 UTC+00 when the competition ends, all users will be ranked in terms of their Margin Balances.


  • Top 10 users will share the reward of 20 BTC.
  • The 1st winner will receive 10 BTC, and the 2nd will receive 5 BTC. Winners from the 3rd place to the 10th will find their reward halved from their previous one.

About BaseFEX

BaseFEX is a new crypto derivative exchange developed by professionals using cutting-edge technologies from the ever-evolving internet industry, which outperforms decades-old technical solutions commonly used in the financial industry.

BaseFEX’s mission is to be the most reliable, transparent and advanced crypto derivative exchange, and make trading smooth, secure and accessible for traders worldwide.

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BaseFEX Team
Nov 19, 2018